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Visit Lincoln County Washington
7 Bays - Lake Roosevelt, Lincoln County WA
Harrington Golf Course Harrington Golf Course
Fun for everyone!
Wide open spaces, lakes, rivers, forests, festivals, unique geographical features, golf, museums, outdoor recreation, and more!


broker for cryptocurrency Lincoln County, located in eastern Washington State, has 2,310 square miles of mostly gently rolling hills. Bordered on the north by the Spokane River and Lake Roosevelt, the predominately agricultural land is interrupted by "pot holes" and channeled scablands scoured out by the Great Ice Age flood 18,000 to 20,000 years ago. With a semi-arid climate, recreationists can enjoy our 4 distinct seasons and a variety of activities.

Small friendly towns provide visitors with amenities and an opportunity to slow down and enjoy a gentle pace of life. Festivals and fairs ensure plenty of action, from rodeos to dirt bike races. Antique stores, quilt shops, music and theater events, and uncrowded golf courses await.  Lake Roosevelt and a collection of large and small lakes, and streams afford multiple options for boating, camping, and fishing. Over 131,229 acres of public lands are accessible for hiking, hunting, fishing, or photography.

We hope you your virtual tour brings you to Lincoln County for a reality visit soon!

Calendar of Events


Lincoln County Visitors & Convention Bureau
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Lincoln County Economic Development Council

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