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The Town of Creston
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Town Hall: PO Box 131, Creston, WA 99117
Phone: 509-636-3145   Fax 509-636-3150
Email:  townofcreston @
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Creston is located 60 miles west of Spokane
on Highway 2.

Community Profile (PDF)

Creston’s annual Community Days is held Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Some of the events  include a breakfast  at the school, The Butte or Bust Run, a parade at 11:00 a.m. and activities and a lunch at the Park.

Creston’s Town Hall Auditorium contains historical pictures and information, including the story of Harry Tracy, a Wild West outlaw who was gunned down by a Creston posse on August 5th, 1902 after an extensive manhunt. For a detailed story of this manhunt as written by William MacLeod Raine, please click on

The Creston Town Hall is situated in a historic building, originally the site of the Creston state Bank.

Creston is located within 8 miles of Lincoln, located on Lake Roosevelt that offers a boat launch, swimming and camping opportunities.

The Lake Roosevelt Recreation Area lies within a 30 mile radius of Creston with recreation opportunities including Keller Ferry, Fort Spokane, Porcupine Bay, Seven Bays, And Two Rivers Casino. The drive to any of these areas offers amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.

Creston is known for its hunting opportunities, including game birds, water fowl, deer, elk, bear and more. Please contact The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for season regulations.




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